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Rooted in the desire to make the world a better place without sacrificing style, Meghan and Xtina joined forces to help clients develop strong brands and effective communication strategies. Bringing together our unique points of view and dynamic skill sets, we serve businesses like yours who help our communities shine.

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M/X Media offers our clients creativity, professionalism, and polish through an empathetic and compassionate lens. We boast over twenty years combined experience in freelance design, writing, and editing, which we implement in thoughtful, effective brand development and marketing campaigns. Devoted to the classic, grounding principles of ethical business, M/X takes a proactive learning approach to our craft, ensuring your strategy is supported both by a strong foundation and a forward-thinking outlook. Most importantly, our priority is to see and hear you deeply so we can convey your mission to those who will benefit from it most.


Meghan’s keen eye, formal fine arts training, and extensive technical skills combined with years of experience as an award-winning team leader within an international organization have earned her the trust, respect, and confidence of brands both local and global. A third generation intuitive healer, she has received her RYT200 and Usui Reiki Master-Teacher certifications, giving her an unparalleled depth of knowledge of independent businesses within the spiritual and wellness communities. She is ideally suited to work with brands who are looking for a results-oriented marketing approach driven both by performance and emotional intelligence. For more information about Meghan's art and intuitive practice, please visit her website,


Xtina’s facility with words, clear vision, and authenticity enable her to communicate both with her clients and their audiences directly and effectively. With a writing and editing background, her experiences teaching at the collegiate level and working in non-profit settings have honed her flexibility and empathetic approach to others, while her decade of excellence in the corporate world has informed her perspective on business. Known for her optimism and dependable execution, she can help you clarify your ideas and give them form in the world, striking a balance between head and heart. Whether it’s spreadsheets or style guides she’s passionate about creating structures today that will ease your efforts tomorrow, providing the space for creativity to flow. For more information on X, visit


Reach out and tell us how we can assist you. We look forward to connecting!

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